Reebok Boxing

Posted January 14, 2009 by heylookmumnohands
Categories: Flash, video, web

This site features some more of my keying work. It’s the Reebok Boxing site featuring interactive video content starring the one and only Amir Khan.

Take a look here.



Stunning Subterranean Shots

Posted December 19, 2008 by heylookmumnohands
Categories: art, design

A skatey matey of mine has been gathering an amazing portfolio of subterranean photographs.

So if sewers and culverts give you a kick, or you’re into late night industrial missions, check out his blog here

48hr Film Competition

Posted November 19, 2008 by heylookmumnohands
Categories: video

A couple of weeks ago it was time to sacrifice a weekend and jump into a frenzy of filming and editing. Yep, a 48 film hour challenge, organized by the Smoke & Mirrors post-production house.

At 7pm on friday evening the concept ‘Luck’ was revealed to the contestants, and with such a short deadline we could use plenty of it

.crew gorillas_in_the_mist


After shooting on Saturday and editing on sunday we were pretty happy with some of the scenes and submitted the entry.

What a way to spend a weekend 🙂



Posted July 22, 2008 by heylookmumnohands
Categories: video, web

Last month I spent a week keying and cutting footage of well known footballers (Henri, Giggs etc.) for the soon to be launched Reebok website.
Now I’m not much of a football fan but I’ll post a link as soon as it’s up…..

VFX for Short Film – Julia

Posted May 28, 2008 by heylookmumnohands
Categories: art, video

My latest project has been compositing and visual effects for a short film that is to be screened at the ‘British Academy of Film & Television Arts’ Cinema in London.
‘Julia’ was directed by David C. Balch and is currently in the final stages of completion.
I have yet to see the final cut but the roughs were looking good, and I look forward to seeing it on the big screen and festival circuit in the near future.

Timetoast – new timeline RIA

Posted April 22, 2008 by heylookmumnohands
Categories: Flash, web

Well today’s the day. My twin brother, and general nethead Daniel Todd, has released his new RIA into the wild.

Timetoast is a new online timeline creation tool. You can create a timeline and add pictures, text and links to any number of events and embed it into your own page or blog. The frameworks implemented under the hood are Rails and Adobe Flex.

Timetoast - Homepage

EDIT 22/7/08 – Timetoast has been doing tremendously well.
It’s made the front page of delicious and been featured on the front page of lifehacker and hackyourday.
The RIA specialists and developers of RUBY, 37signals, have also posted a small interview with Daniel on their product blog

Portfolio Update

Posted March 14, 2008 by heylookmumnohands
Categories: web

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve updated my portfolio. I’ve redesigned the page and added some of my video/broadcast/motion work……go check it out now at…